Till Software Explained

What is Till Software? This page explains what till software is and what it does.

At The Till

Making Sales Transactions

1. Find the product (must be fast and easy)

  • Barcode Scan
  • Text search (for when barcodes dont scan)

Must be quick and easy to find the product, if not the stock control can become very innaccurate.

2. Take the payment

  • Cash
  • Cards (Integrated chip and pin, or a seperate chip and pin where the amount has to be typed in seperately)
  • Cheque
  • On Account
  • Vouchers

3. Handle Returns

4. Discounts

  • At the point of sale to cater for damages etc. Needs to have supervisor access

5. Customers

  • Take customer details for special orders
  • Marketing reasons (Ability to type in an email address is important)
  • Should have postcode lookup
  • Provide loyalty schemes

6. End of Day

  • Till shoud present a screen to enter the number of coins and notes. Then it should say if this is right or wrong.

Check out the video below for an explination of the main functions of a till software system

In the “Back Office”

Check out the vide below for an introduction to the back office in a typical till software application

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